15 Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids to Try This Year

by Emilie Shawn for vizaca.com

Everything you need to know to achieve classy yet scary Halloween Costumes!

Need a last minute Halloween costume? Or do you want to create DIY Halloween costumes to rock the Halloween parties? Whether it’s Halloween costumes, Halloween Movies or Halloween Décor Ideas We have a solution for you!

As you know, throughout the year, we get to celebrate a lot of important festivals, where children are easily enchanted by the festive excitement and they just love to have fun.

Most often, parents use such occasions to train and teach them the importance of the event with joy and pleasure.

Halloween is one of the festivals when everyone wants to be super creative in terms of themes and costumes.

All the mamas and papas can now be more creative with easy-to-follow DIY costumes for their kids.

For making spooky DIY Halloween Costumes, you should start looking through your inventory to see what you already have at home.

Here is the list of DIY Halloween costumes that you can create by using simple materials.

1. DIY Lego Costume

Children love to play with Legos. Their favorite play-time is to build and create new stuff from blocks. Here’s how you can easily make a Lego Block Costume for your kid.

  • First, you need two cardboard boxes.
  • Use your child’s favourite color spray paint to coat the boxes.
  • With perfect measurements, cut armholes, and a neck hole in one of the boxes with scissors.
  • Lastly, cut arm straps and 6 round shaped circles from the other box.
  • COOL!! Now you’ve been transformed into a Lego.

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