Amazing online collection of rare children’s books

Great books for kids are far and few between, but the classics are eternal.  We’ve talked before about how the Library of Congress’ collection is indeed a national treasure.  Today, Timbuktu shares a few of their favorites from the Library.

“Just because we are all digital it doesn’t mean we don’t like books. Quite the opposite, we love love love books. And what we love even more is stumbling upon treasures like this: the Library of Congress’ collection of rare classic children’s books… online! Those wonders are just a click away, every single page of them, in high-resolution.

Needless to say, the catalog is pretty awesome. For instance, there is an 1899 copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which looks like this:


An amazing 1986 book of Shadow Pictures for Young and Old:


The very funny Rocket Book, from 1912:


And many more wonderful ones, all there waiting for you.

Oh, and the library also offers an online selection of books and educational tools for teachers and parents, which includes, ahem, Lewis Carroll’s Scrapbook.”

You can visit The Library of Congress to see their extensive collection of books for kids. You can also see more great children’s books at Reading Kingdom.

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