An Interview with the Reading Kingdom Owl!

If you’re familiar with Reading Kingdom, you’ve probably seen our Mascot Owl flying around the website. What you may not have known is that the Owl’s name is Lingo. Recently, the team here at Reading Kingdom took a flight with Lingo to ask a few questions about Lingo’s life and what it’s like to be the Reading Kingdom Owl. home-school, great children's books, children's learning software, books for kids, how to teach children to read, how to get kids to read, Literacy program for kids, best online literacy program for kids

RK: Hi Lingo, we’re glad to have caught up with you!

Lingo: Yes, It’s great to see you too!

RK: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up perching at the Reading Kingdom.

Lingo: I love to fly around the forest at night, perching from tree to tree with my friends. My favorite activities are being a night owl and reading great children’s books. One night while flying around as a young owl, I saw a magical land called the Reading Kingdom. I flew in, fell in love and have been here ever since!home-school, great children's books, children's learning software, books for kids, how to teach children to read, how to get kids to read, Literacy program

RK: We love children’s books too! Do you have a favorite book?

Lingo: One of my favorites is The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne.

RK: What is your favorite part of your job as the Reading Kingdom Owl?

Lingo: It’s easy for me to love my job at Reading Kingdom. Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than watching children learn how to read and write well and having fun in the process. There is a lot of room for improvement in children’s literacy. Roughly two out of five children are having real trouble learning to read – that’s way too many kids for our founder, Dr. Marion Blank to let fall to the way side. I love perching on her shoulder while she tells me about the six skills Reading Kingdom is using to propel children’s literacy success!

RK: What can you tell us about your family tree?

Lingo: Well, my lineage has come from a long line of family friendly Owls! Our flock has spread their “t-owl-ent” in many positive ways, but I am the first owl in the family to have a love for literacy!

RK: Do owls listen to music as well as read?

Lingo: We sure do! My favorite band is “Hootie and the Blowfish”!

RK: Since becoming the mascot for Reading Kingdom you’ve become quite a celebrity! We always see you flying around, bringing smiles to our office and in the Reading Kingdom community. What’s it like to be part of Reading Kingdom?

Lingo: Hoo, me? I’m having such a hoot at Reading Kingdom that I didn’t even think about it! I’m humbled to be a part of Reading Kingdom and couldn’t think of a better place to be than watching children learn every day. When I’m not flying around the Reading Kingdom sharing my wisdom, I love chatting to parents, teachers and homeschoolers about children’s books and learning how to read at the Pre-school, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade levels. You can always find me tweeting (which I think they should call hooting) about Children’s books and literacy on Twitter and one of my other favorite spots, Facebeak. 😉

RK: There’s a rumor flying around that you have a special gift for everyone who reads this! Is it true?

Lingo: It sure is! I want to show everyone out there that reading can be both educational AND fun! Watch the magic at Reading Kingdom, with educational activities for children as well as lesson plans and fun books for kids to read. If Reading Kingdom sounds like as much fun for your kids as it is for me, here’s a FREE month of the only children’s learning program that uses all six skills to bring your children literacy success – Sign up now 🙂 I’ll see you soon!