We Asked Kids And Parents Their Vacation Highlights And The Answers Couldn’t Be More Delightfully Different

From The Huffington Post

Inspired by the saying that “travel always gives you a story to tell,” we partnered with Disney Parks and spoke to parents and children about some of their favorite family vacations. What did we learn? While it’s certainly true that travel gives you a story, exactly what story that is depends a lot on whom you ask — a kid or a grown-up. Take a look, and add your own favorite family vacation moment in the comments!

  1. The Thrill Of The Ride


Rosa Foronda and her 3-year-old daughter flew halfway around the world together to Thailand. Rosa delighted in watching her little girl experience once-in-a-lifetime things like swimming with fish in crystal-clear water and hobnobbing with giant elephants. Isabella loved the trip, as well, especially the “big chair and pretzels” on the airplane.

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