Reading Kingdom Review “I LOVE this program for my struggling reader!”


“I LOVE this program for my struggling reader. The lessons aren’t long and don’t require the student to inhale too much information at one setting. This is important for my guy.

You will obviously need a good internet connection and speakers. What you won’t need is a lot of time. There is practically NO parent prep. All I do is keep up with his progress. Because so many of my son’s subjects require my onsite presence and participation I love that I can write down “Reading Kingdom” on his assignment sheet for the day. I know that he is learning and practicing.

If you are a parent who has a struggling reader I suggest you take a look. Even if your child has progressed beyond the 3rd grade reading level I think you will find it to be invaluable practice and remediation. This is one of my Favorite reading resources!”

— Rebekah Teague

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