Cork and Fuzz: Finders Keepers


Cork and Fuzz explores friendship and adventure. The book is beautifully written by Dori Chaconas and illustrated by Lisa McCue. Read the review from Sweet on Books to discover more about the Finders Keepers:

What You Need to Know:

  • Cork and Fuzz are two funny friends, who have great adventures together.
  • This is the 5th title in the series, but as this is the first book I have read, there is no series synopsis yet.
  • Cork and Fuzz are entertaining in their interactions, making this an enjoyable read aloud.
  • This book has been nominated for a 2009 Cybil Award. Please click the Cybils link on the left side of the page to learn more about the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards (Cybils).

Book Summary:

Cork is a short muskrat who likes to find things and Fuzz is a tall possum who likes to keep things. “Two best friends. Kind of the same, but different.” When Cork loses a green stone, Fuzz finds it and feels justified in keeping it. Finders keepers! What child or parent can’t relate to this struggle? Cork amusingly tries to convince Fuzz that he can’t keep everything he finds, especially when it clearly belongs to others. But it is not until Cork and Fuzz encounter a cute little chipmunk does Fuzz learn this lesson.

This is a playful, comical little romp that will entertain your young reader and will leave them wanting more Cork and Fuzz. I know I am eager to read more of the series now. Also, its refreshing to have some new “buddy” stories to choose from. Not just the old reliables, like Frog and Toad and Henry and Mudge. Not that there is anything wrong with those classics. Just nice to add some new titles to that mix!

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