I really, REALLY like about Reading Kingdom!

nonreadersHere’s a review from a mom and aunt who has found the extra help for her niece. This is what she has to say about how our unique approach has helped:

When I first signed up to review Reading Kingdom I did so with the thought that I would use this program to help my three-year-old learn how to read. She is extremely bright so I thought… she can do this. Unfortunately, I think we have a little further to go before we cross that bridge. Then, my ten-year-old niece automatically came to mind and I realized that this is absolutely the perfect program for her. She too is a very bright young lady; however, due to a few complications her progress, especially when it comes to reading, has been sluggish. She enjoys reading but it is something that she has struggled with since she first learned how. I would desperately love to find something that may help her.

My niece’s teacher recommended that she read as much as possible over the summer in the hopes that she would be better prepared for the upcoming school year. I can’t tell you the last time I saw her pick up a book. I get that it is summer vacation, really, I do… but when I was growing up my mom and dad enrolled me in the local library’s summer reading program and I absolutely fell in love with books…. note, I am the Book Reviewer for Griffin’s Honey!

Now, back to Reading Kingdom… one thing I like about this program is that the setup does not make kids feel as though they are actually reading…learning. They don’t feel as though they are sitting down to do homework which is an added bonus, especially in the middle of summer vacation. The Reading Kingdom program is an interactive program that helps children ages 4 to 10 learn to read and write, to a third grade level, using games and activities. The program monitors the child’s progress and performance. Also, it gives parents the option to increase the response time for each level as well as the option to skip or repeat a level.

Another thing thatis that the program is internet based; you don’t have to download anything to your computer and your child’s progress is saved to the system. This allows us to login from different computers and to pick up right where we left off. We are really thankful for this feature because this has allowed my niece to login to the system at her home as well as ours; she is often here during the day during summer break.

Now, what I absolutely LOVE. As soon as your child begins Reading Kingdom they take a placement test so they will start at the most appropriate level in the program based on their ability. It is awesome that the program is able to customize the experience for every single child; that is normally not how learning programs work. This customization helps your child not become frustrated with the program. If the program was too easy or too hard that would increase the likelihood of your child becoming disenchanted which would take away all of the fun… that isn’t a problem here.

Reading Kingdom is filled with bright colors, adorable animal characters, and engaging activities. Instead of seeing a learning program children see it as a fun game that they are “playing.” I highly recommend the Reading Kingdom program for pre-readers, beginning readers, and any child that may struggle with reading.

Reading Kingdom invites you to visit their website and take a virtual tour of their program OR to sign up for their internet based program. Would you like to see if this program is right for YOUR child or a child that you might know? Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial today.