Back to School Night Questions to Ask Your Child’s teacher

It’s that time of year again! Parents are meeting with their children’s new teachers, asking questions, and wondering what their children will learn this school season.

But as a parent, are you asking the right questions? Are you prepared to go back to school… for your kids?

Here are some tips to remember for your kids’ back to school night

Bring a pen and paper

It seems obvious, but be prepared to take notes of names, important dates, and thing you will need to remember to send to school with your children. Jot down names of kids in the class, and parents of kids your children will be playing with.

What will your child learn?

What skills and lessons will your child learn this school year? Talk to the teacher about her lesson plans, and what sort of goals she hopes her classroom will accomplish this school year.

Ask expectations

What does your child’s teacher expect of her students? Of the parents? Finding out about expectations regarding homework, attendance, classroom behavior and activities will help your child transition to her classroom more smooth.

Look around the classroom

Take in the space where your child will be spending most of his day. What kind of art projects are on the wall? Are there books? What does the space feel like? Getting an idea of where your child will learn is just as important as what he will learn.

Communication preferences

These days, some teachers prefer to speak to parents of their students via e-mail. Ask your child’s teacher what’s the best way to contact them, and if it is okay to contact them when you feel necessary.

When and if you will be expected to help

It’s no secret schools and classrooms rely on parents for support and help with activities. But, we all have very busy schedules. Ask your child’s teacher what sort of activities are coming up this school year with which they might need your help so you can plan ahead.