Bedtime Math


Bedtime Math is a fun story that reminds children that math can and should be used in everyday life.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• This book makes math fun and would be a great addition to every bedtime routine.
• There are more than thirty math stories, and each has problems at three different levels of challenge.
• Don’t be scared off – there’s a “How To” page at the front that explains how parents can use this book.
• The answers are easy to find at the bottom of each two-page spread.
• You can refer to the last page for the math equation associated with each problem.
• Every page of this picture-book style resource is filled with illustrations featuring vibrant colors and plenty of action.
• Look for Book 2, Bedtime Math: This Time It’s Personal.

Sweet Book Summary:
Math is fun! No, really. It is! Just read Bedtime Math with your kids, and you’ll quickly discover why. The chapters may sound silly with titles like “Exploding Food” and “Sports You Shouldn’t Try At Home”, but they are made up of more than thirty fact-filled, informative, and entertaining stories. Each story focuses on a topic related to the chapter, and each topic reminds readers that math can and should be used outside the classroom on a daily basis.

Readers learn things like, eggs make food fluffier, veggies are made mostly of water, the blue whale is the largest animal, and England is home to a Cheese Rolling contest. Each story concludes with three relevant math problems identified as either Wee Ones, Little Kids or Big Kids. According to the author, these three levels of challenge were intentionally not done by age or grade, so that you could choose the level that’s right for your child.

We make reading a part of our daily routine. Shouldn’t we give math a place in our day too? Bedtime Math will leave readers’ minds filled with fun facts and figures, and will encourage them to explore, evaluate, observe, and analyze the world around them. It will probably leave them giggling too!

Author: Laura Overdeck Illustrator: Jim Paillot Published: 2013, 96 pages
Themes: Bedtime, Learning Basics, Math, and Reference

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