Best apps for kids: The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants

The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants
is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended best apps for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“So how many of you parents remember ant farms?   I recall when I was seven (back in the early 1970′s – yes I’m dating myself), being completely ecstatic when my kind-of-crazy-but-full-of-fun Auntie Ellen sent to me my very own ant farm.

The ant farm consisted of two small plastic panels secured together by a wooden frame that encased a colony of small black ants.

What was cool about ant farms back then was that as a kid you were able to monitor that day in and day out lives of ants real-time. You could see them dig new tunnels, search for food, raise their offspring and more.  And it was through these ant farms that kids could see how enterprising this magical, but often over looked, insect species truly is.

Well now your child can have a new experience related to the old ant farms idea, but made new again by way of a super cool mobile app for kids called The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants (Click here to download from iTunes).

Yep, that’s right – you and your child can have fun exploring the amazing and complex world of ants right on your very own smartphone or tablet.

Made by the very clever Amos Latteier, “The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants” is part interactive story book and part science app.

The app comes jam-packed with neat features including: spoken narration, engaging background music, recommended science learning resources including a glossary and of course, awesome graphics.

We also want to throw a shout out to the enjoyable interactions, which helped to make this app a real treat for the eyes and ears.   All of this said, we highly recommend that parents and kids download The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants.   Once you get to know ants through this wonderful app, you’ll be more than willing to share bits of your picnic with these amazing animals.”

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