What are the best reading habits to teach your kids?


Barbara (Parent) asks:

What are the best reading habits to teach your kids?

Reading Kingdom answers:

To answer this question in the most helpful way, it is useful to distinguish between two main types of reading: one is the required reading for school; the other is the pleasure reading that a child elects to do. The question best applies to required reading since that is something the children have to do, while at the same time, they often resist doing it or at least, resist doing it well. In dealing with this aspect of reading, a key factor is the environment in which the assignments are done. TV, computers and other devices should not be present; or if present, they should be turned off. A time and place should be set aside where the child’s total concentration can be directed towards the reading (and writing). Developing a habit of a quiet, focused, regularly scheduled time is invaluable.

A great tool that can be added to the situation is a reading pen—a device that scans a word and says the word aloud. This empowers children to independently handle potential errors that can interfere with completing the work. Instead of guessing or bypassing difficult words, the child is able to find out what they are and deal more effectively with the work.  In contrast to required reading, pleasure reading generally requires less attention. The child is, by definition, motivated and when motivation is present, activities usually run smoothly and effectively. Difficulties arise in pleasure reading primarily when parents and teachers pressure the children to do it. In that case, of course, it is no longer pleasure reading. Still, as in the case of required reading, the issue of the environment can play a major role. In this case, the environment is one where the parent should set up household routines so that a significant part of the day is “device free.”  Under these low levels of stimulation (what some kids may call “boredom”), children often fill the gap by turning to reading. If this occurs on a regular basis, the end result is often a genuine love of reading.

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