Ways To Encourage Your Reluctant Reader


Oftentimes, children who dislike reading are those that experience difficulties in learning to read. A key to overcoming their reluctance is to encourage them often. Here are some tips to encourage reluctant readers. Getting a reluctant reader to enjoy reading can be a very tough goal to accomplish. Once kids get it in their heads that they do not like something they often simply will not give it a chance. This applies especially to reluctant readers.

Here are a few effective ways to encourage your reluctant reader:

“A passion for reading is not something you can press upon a child. It must be built progressively and continually practiced. Camouflaging reading can be very helpful as it is not as intimidating as an outright book. How you introduce reading to a child is also very important. You should tweak the reading material, and the ways you read, to match the preferences of your child. That way they are more likely to start doing it on their own.

Read aloud. Most people remember being read to aloud by their parents when they were very young. This is a practice you should continue throughout their elementary school years. It will boost their vocabulary, improve their listening skills, and ignite their imagination.

Go by their interests. Get them books and magazines that are geared towards their interests and passions. If your son loves dinosaurs get him a book on dinosaurs. If your daughter loves Science subscribe to a Science magazine for kids. Visit your local library and let the kids explore the shelves. The more your child is interested in the subject matter of a publication the more likely they are to pick it up and start reading it.”
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