Struggling readers regain hope with our online reading program

Jenn is a mom whose child had trouble learning to read in the past.  Now that he “plays” with our online reading program, here’s what she has to say about his learning progress:

“Reading Kingdom is a great online reading program for kids from Preschool to Grade 3 or those who are struggling readers.  I have a little guy who has always struggled in reading and his confidence in his ability to read has greatly diminished as he tries and fails so many times. I was excited to see how he might do with an online reading program.  He loves to be on the computer so I was hoping that it might entice him to overcome his opposition to reading and take on the challenge.  I was so impressed when I first logged into the program to find that it is such a colorful, easy to navigate site that is “fun”.  I think I was expecting something a bit more “school like” and a bit less “let’s play and have fun” like!

My little guy was thrilled when he was able to “play” during our usual school time and he began by taking the skills assessment test.  I loved that the program took the information from that first assessment and “built” a program that was customized to his ability level. The lessons and games included in this program are fun and exciting- the best way to learn as far as my little guy is concerned.  The colorful program and fun graphics increase his ability to focus and his desire to “play”.  That means that mommy does not have any arguments when it’s time to work!!

All in all, we are very pleased with our experience with this program.  I loved that after the first few minutes, my little guy was able to take off and work completely independently and has not needed any assistance during his lessons.  This allows him to begin to feel he is accomplishing independent reading- and he loves that feeling!! My little guy very much enjoyed his time working on this program and the biggest progress I have seen is a huge jump in his confidence in reading.  I think as he continues to see success this will continue to grow and grow. I know this will be a valuable resource for us for a long time to come.” – Jenn Walden

Our online reading program sets all children up for literacy success (even struggling readers).   One major advantage of Reading Kingdom is that it customizes itself to your child.  Click here to sign up for 30 days free at our magical land of literacy.  We look forward to you joining the thousands of parents and teachers already letting their children “play” while learning to read at Reading Kingdom!