Children and self-esteem: 10 great things to tell your kids


If you’re looking to boost your children’s self-esteem here are 10 great things to say that will leave them feeling good and foster a sense of their self-worth. (For more about children and self-esteem, see our activities for kids page.)

10 great things to tell your kids

1. I love you no matter what

2. You’re special and you mean the world to me and I’m so pleased you are part of our family

3. I’m so proud of you

4. It’s OK to make mistakes

5. You’re great fun to be with

6. I love listening to you so…..tell me more

7.  Life is what you make it

8. Get the balance right

9. Learn to always keep laughing

10. Be kind, compassionate and helpful to everyone you meet, don’t judge – just learn to understand them

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