10 bizarre buildings that you and your kids would love to visit!

Recently, we featured 10 of the most visually appealing Kindergartens in the world.

Here are 10 more bizarre buildings that you and your kids would love to visit!

“Sometimes, there is really no limit to where imagination, and a certain tendency to dare, will take you. Have a look at what these architects dreamed up; it’s a series of buildings that look like they’re out of a child’s imagination, where we bet your kids would love to go.

1 – The picnic basket building

This is the Longaberger Company main office building. They are in Newark, Ohio, and you guessed it: they make baskets.



The Picnic Basket Building

2 – The Piano and Violin Building

In Huainan, China this is, rather appropriately, a music centre.


The Piano and Violin Building

3 – Gate to the East

The function of this building in Suzhou, China, doesn’t really have much to do with blue jeans. But it does resemble a pair of them, can you see it?


The Gate to the East

4 – The Happy House

Designed and decorated by artist James Rizzi in Braunshweig, Germany, this house is clearly happy! Who wouldn’t want a little apartment in here for a holiday?


The Happy House

5 – The Dog House

Welcome to the Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho. It looks just like a dog, from whichever side you look at it.


The Dog House

6 – The House with Tentacles

Oh my, the Library House in Islington, London has tentacles! Green tentacles!


The House with Tentacles

7 – The Elephant Tower

Bringing a touch of fun to Bangkok’s skyline, the Elephant Tower really does look like a Thai Elephant.


The Elephant Tower

8 – The Black Cat Hotel

This hotel in Miami has been transformed by artist Desi Santiago, in collaboration with charity organization Boffo, into a black cat. Are you brave enough to enter?


The Black Cat Hotel

9 – The Mad House in Vienna

Perhaps the most famous out of all these building is the Hundertwasser Haus, built by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, surprisingly not in Wonderland but in Vienna, with trees coming out of windows, wavy shapes, colored walls and more.


Hundertwasser Haus

10 – The Shell House

If you have ever wondered what a snail feels like, living in a shell, you are served. The Nautilus House, built by Javier Senosiain near Mexico City is all curvy and cozy, check it out in the gallery.”


The Shell House

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