Do your kids play outside?

Parents complain that their kids don’t want to go outside and play and of course we know it is healthier for them compared to endless hours in front of the television or computer. When my kid were little, sometimes we just made them go outside and play. And you can do the same thing! But you need to take the responsibility to make sure things are fun and safe for them.

With that in mind, here’s a top ten, eco-friendly list for your kids to have fun in your backyard

1. Sidewalk chalk
Think hopscotch, art.

2. Child-sized table and chairs
Tea parties, playing surface or just a rest.

3. A hose.
Can’t go wrong with this one.

4. A mud pit
Use a patch of dirt and see #3 above.

5. A little garden

This also teaches responsibility, patience, science, and healthy eating.

6. A playhouse
Tents work well too.

7. Assorted balls
Ball games, bouncing, target practice.

8. Jump ropes.
Doubles as rope for tying kids against poles (just kidding).

9. Large trucks.
Works well with mud pits.

10. Inflatable swimming pool.
Go with something PVC and phthalate free. You can find these anywhere. They’re generally made of LDPE (low density polyethylene which is #4 on the recycling scale).

Here is our backyard mud pit. Endless hours of fun.

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