Educational Website Lingo Likes: Exploratorium


Children are fascinated with science and conducting experiments.  That’s why the educational website Lingo likes this week is The Exploratorium.  Here’s more about The Exploratorium from their website:


“If you visit the museum in person or online, you only see part of who we are. Here are some things you might not know about us.

We Broke the Science Museum Mold

The Exploratorium was the brainchild of Frank Oppenheimer. At various times, Frank was a professor, a high school teacher, a cattle rancher, and an experimental physicist.

While teaching at a university, Frank developed a “library of experiments” that enabled his students to explore scientific phenomena at their own pace, following their own curiosity. Alarmed by the public’s lack of understanding of science and technology, Frank used this model to create the Exploratorium, believing that visitors could learn about natural phenomena and also gain confidence in their ability to understand the world around them. This was a groundbreaking idea for a science museum in 1969 when the Exploratorium opened. And the rest is history.

By making science visible, touchable, and accessible to a wide variety of people—at the museum, online, and in the classroom—our explore-for-yourself way of learning and teaching influences science education worldwide. Our professional development programs provide educators with the skills, tools, and support they need to apply inquiry-based learning and teaching in their classes. Our Lifelong Learning programs—for homeschoolers, families, and adults, for example—bring learning by doing directly to a diverse group of people. We also design programs that make connections between the traditionally separate worlds of formal (school) and informal (museum) education and understanding.

With a goal of improving science education policy nationwide, Exploratorium senior staff members have testified before Congress about science education policy. Exploratorium Director Dr. Dennis Bartels, an internationally known science education and policy expert, has testified before committees of both the Senate and the House of Representatives and before the full House Science Committee.”

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