Educational Website Lingo Likes: Fizzics Education


Our mascot owl loves to conduct fun science experiments both in schools and at home.  That’s why the educational website Lingo likes this week is Fizzics Education.  Here’s more about them from their website:


Fizzics Education has been a leading Australian provider of interactive science workshops and shows since 2004. Through its interactive science programs and corporate partnerships Fizzics Education presents to approximately 85,000 children each year via incursion and video conference across 400 schools and public spaces. We are an active corporate member of the Science Teachers Association New South Wales (STANSW).

Fizzics is a founding member of Virtual Excursions Australia (VEA), a portal for people to contact leading video conferencing content providers across Australia. VEA is a network which includes over 40 cultural institutions that meets monthly to discuss best practice in running lessons via video conferencing. In 2012 VEA members reached 100,000 students across NSW.

Fizzics Education has built a stong reputation on the back of thousands of workshops and shows run across Australia. With an ability to bring science to life and backgrounds in various science disciplines the Fizzics team make science learning fun and more importantly… memorable.
Our science education services are run via incursion or video conference; from preschool to Year 12 and beyond.

For educational websites that teach children how to read, look no further than Reading Kingdom. Our online reading program for kids is free for the first 30 days, and will show the literacy results you’re looking for, whether at home or in the classroom.  Lingo and company will see you soon!