Extra Yarn

Extra Yarn is a colorful book that teaches young readers about generosity. The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.
What You Need to Know:
• Extra Yarn is a wonderful allegory, in the old-fashioned sense.
• This picture book would make a great read aloud for all ages.
• The book is a visual feast for the eyes, making it a great gift book for any age.
• The illustrator is Jon Klassen, the genius behind the hilarious I Want My Hat Back.
Sweet Book Summary:
Annabelle’s world is gray. Everything is either black like the soot from the chimney or white like the snow. There is no color until she finds a box of yarn, and a wide spectrum of color is opened up. Annabelle takes the found yarn and starts small by knitting a sweater for herself and her dog. She figures that is all the yarn will allow. But when she is done, inexplicably, there is still so much yarn left; she decides to make sweaters for others. The supply of yarn is seemingly endless, so everybody gets a sweater, even the doubters who don’t believe Annabelle can do such a thing.

Magically, Annabelle even knits sweaters/covers for all the animals, the buildings and trees in town. Now, nothing is without color in her little town. With the advent of all this beauty, things begin to look up for the townspeople. Even when an evil archduke steals her box of yarn, all is not lost. The greedy archduke gets an empty box; apparently, an endless supply of yarn is only for believers. Annabelle gets her yarn box back and continues to create lovely changes in her little corner of the world.

I love the hope and energy in this story. Annabelle shows young readers that a little optimism and generosity can alter the world. The idea of global change can be an overwhelming concept for young children; it is simply too abstract. But Annabelle shows her readers that taking care of your own little corner of the world is just as effective and important. Extra Yarn is a lovely and entertaining book to share with your young reader, reminding children and adults alike, about the power of possibility.
Author: Mac Barnett Illustrator: Jon Klassen Published: 2012, 40 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Imagination, Fantasy, Sharing, and Exquisite Illustrations

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