Filling the Gap in Reading Programs

Parents that look for reading programs rarely find one that accommodates all of their needs.  Fortunately, more parents are discovering that Reading Kingdom is the go-to source for building the strong foundation in literacy that all children need.  Hillary is the latest mom to introduce her son to Lingo and company and here’s what she has to say:

“There are many options when it comes to reading programs online.  What sets Reading Kingdom apart from the others is their philosophy.  Reading Kingdom does not focus on phonics or whole words — at least not exclusively.  They incorporate so much more.  There are more skills used in reading, so a thorough program should address those as well.  Reading Kingdom does just that…The nice thing with Reading Kingdom is the ability for the parent to see where the learner is in the program and what progress they are making.  I get an e-mail and/or I can view a report on-line.  I can also adjust the response time for him.  That has helped quite a bit.  He often knows the answer, but has to work a bit to get it entered soon enough.  Now he has more time and his knowledge (rather than speed) is being reflected.  He has gone from a green star (good performance) to a sunshine (excellent performance) with that simple change.

As much as my son thinks this is a game he plays on the computer (you can access it anywhere with an internet connection — even at Grandma’s), I know he is learning.  The time spent is fun for him.  There are no distracting ads or obnoxious music…I like that the Reading Kingdom approach teaches more than decoding skills.  The program can teach your child to read and write at a third grade level.  Yes, writing, too!  For those that prefer to have paper in hand (like me!), Reading Kingdom also offers physical books, sold in sets of six to coordinate with the levels of the program, a handwriting component, and more.  They even offer a paper and pencil version (Phonics Plus Five kit) of their program.” — Hillary Moore

If you want to see how our approach teaches kids the full spectrum of literacy skills needed to learn to read and write, click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our online reading program.  You’ll be just as happy as Hillary when you see the full range of features Reading Kingdom can bring to your home or classroom.  We hope to see you soon!