Ask Reading Kingdom: Visual Processing Problems


Recently, Dr. Marion blank discussed visual processing problems that occur as children learn to read, how to identify them, and effective practices that can be put into place to provide a remedy.  In the article, Reading Kingdom mentions a common problem that creates visual processing issues is pointing at each word while reading. She goes on to explain that “As long as children rely on their fingers to fixate on words, then they will not be learning to scan effectively with their eyes.” 

Betsy is a reader who realized this was happening with their child and asked:

“In school my daughter is taught to point to each word when she is reading. She’s reluctant to not do anything her teacher has told her. Should I practice this way with her at home?

Reading Kingdom answered:

“This is an excellent question and it is one that applies to a range of school practices. In general, even when the practices at school and at home differ, if they are kept consistent within their own space, children accept the differences. Matters can also be smoothed by offering your child an explanation that is both easy to understand and valid.

For example, in this case, you can say to your child, “What your teacher is asking you to do does work. But there are other techniques that work even better. The problem is that there are a lot of children in a class. Because of that, teachers do not have the time to do, with everyone, what we are going to do here. What we are doing takes more time and a bit more effort–but it can really help you read smoother and faster and so I think it’s good for us to try it out.”

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