5 Funny Sports Jokes for Kids


If you’ve ever seen the joy on a child’s face after hearing a joke, you know the importance jokes have in connecting with children.  Jokes for kids are also a positive, powerful tool that can break the ice in a difficult social situation, lighten a mood, or improve self-esteem after a bad day.  At Reading Kingdom we like to have fun as we help spread literacy across the globe.

Today, we’re letting the laughter loose as we share funny kids’ jokes about different sports from “Real Kids’ Jokes by Real Stand-Up Comics” by Andrea Henry. These athletic antics are so silly that you’ll be laughing right alongside your little ones as you read these jokes together.

Here are 5 of our favorite sports jokes for kids:


What sport should you play if you don’t like wearing shoes?



Where do librarians love to go swimming?

The Read Sea


Did you hear about the new combination gym/coffee shop?

They have pi-LATTES


What is a golfer’s favorite number?



Why did the librarian win the race?

Because he booked it.


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