Picture Books for Kids: Maybe a Bear Ate It!


Maybe a Bear Ate It by Robie Harris is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended picture books for kids.  Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

“What You Need to Know:

• Any child who has let something beloved slip out of their hands as they drift off to sleep, will feel this little guy’s pain.
• Readers will laugh as the cat’s imagination runs wild and he searches for his special something and feel satisfied when the book is discovered and all is well.
• The illustrations are essential in creating a connection with the story which is told as much through the pictures as the words.
• This story is definitely one most children will relate to.


Reading nicely in bed, among his stuffed animal friends, the book slips away as the cat starts to fall asleep. He realizes the book is missing and imagines the most far-fetched explanations as to where it could be. Maybe a bear ate it…or a rhino ran away with it. But this book is NEEDED! He searches everywhere and finally finds it, saying “I love my book” as he climbs back into bed where the reader imagines that the whole process begins again. Read, sleep, book falls, panic, search, etc.

The bear is larger than life and the face the little cat makes when he thinks a bear has eaten his book is a page stopper. You will feel confused with him as he realizes his book is missing and he nervously bites his blanket. Each page perfectly highlights a little piece of this story and allows the reader to feel as though he is moving along with the cat as he goes through this experience.”

Is  this humorous book in your home library?  Let us know in the comments below!

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