Kids read aloud to dogs to enhance learning skills

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Could dogs be a young reader’s best friend? A new project is showing that the calm nature of dogs may be a great way to create a comfortable environment for children to help enhance their learning skills.  The Deccan Chronicle has more:

Tartu: Estonia has started encouraging children to read aloud to dogs. This will in turn help in boosting their confidence in reading and develop social skills with a little help from man’s best friend.

“Dogs are calm listeners and unlike other kids or adults, will never be critical when a child makes mistakes while reading For kids who have problems with reading or low self esteem, there is no better therapy than to practice reading aloud to a dog,” said Ewa Roots, project Manager .

Explaining about the on-going process of this learning project, Roots said “Children first decide which dog they like the most. This is then followed up by canine reading sessions held in one large room for an added sense of security.”

“When the shyest kid observes other kids reading aloud to their dog, they will soon do the same,” highlighted Roots. The library also suggested that children should also be encouraged  to read aloud to their pet dogs at home as well.
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