Learn to read while producing positive by-products

Parents see the daily advancement in reading skills that occur when their children learn to read at Reading Kingdom.  Here, Penny shares her thoughts on how her daughter is making multiple points of progress with Lingo and company:

“Reading Kingdom is lively, appealing and inviting!  My child wants to play it.  I’m pleased that it has raised her reading level, but I am also quietly thrilled that it has significantly improved her level of patience!  Reading Kingdom requires my child to slow down, focus; paying attention to directions and details.  She must type when directed to type using the keyboard and click when instructed to click a letter on the screen.  The word focus has deeper meaning to her, now.

If she concentrates and responds correctly she can progress through the levels, but if she doesn’t know an answer or is just distracted the program will re-teach the word or concept.  I consider these simple but important life lessons.  Plus, the positive by-product is that it inevitably builds her confidence.” — Penny Koshiol

Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our independent reading software. Our program focuses on building self-esteem and focus while also teaching children to learn to read and write.  You can read more testimonials from parents and educators across the country.  We hope to see you soon!