Let’s Count to 100!


Let’s count to 100 helps make learning to count fun for children.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:

Let’s Count to 100! will have kids counting to 100 again and again.
• It would be an excellent addition to any classroom, especially for celebrating the 100th day of school.
• It was originally published in Japanese.
• In addition to counting, readers are encouraged to search for hidden objects throughout the book.
• Counting has never looked this good! The illustrations are incredibly engaging.


Talk about making learning fun! This attractive counting book does the trick. Each two-page spread is filled with 100 dynamic and appealing items. There are birds, sheep, ants, elephants, and even cars, houses and kids. Every page comes alive with vibrant colors, graphic shapes, objects in motion, interesting details, silly facial expressions, and funny comments. One fish says to another “Don’t eat me!” while another who is swimming backwards is told to “Go with the flow.” Readers are asked lots of questions like “How many elephants are smiling?” and “Are there enough berries for everyone?”. The animals ask some seemingly rhetorical questions too, like “Where are we going?” and “Aren’t I cute?”. Look for surprises like a bird on someone’s head and unexpected characters popping up here and there. Readers may even notice that characters from one spread seem to sneak into other scenes, like the sheep that comes face to face with an upside-down bird. Groups of ten are easily separated by color, design or placement, allowing readers to get comfortable with counting at their own pace. Let’s Count to 100! is sure to hold your reader’s attention and get them excited about counting. What more could you ask for?”

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