Let’s Hear it For Almigal

Let’s Hear it For Almigal is a story that helps children understand what it’s like to be different.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:

• This picture book will help children understand the virtues of being different, particularly as it relates to those who
are hearing impaired.
• The main character gets cochlear implants and then must adjust to having them.
• In the Author’s Note, readers will find websites with helpful information on hearing loss.
• This story was inspired by Wendy Kupfer’s daughter, Ali, who was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at ten
months old.
• 5% of sales go to support children with hearing loss.

Sweet Book Summary:

Almigal knows that her friends are all different, and guess what? That’s a good thing. It makes her feel lucky. Almigal puts a positive spin on the differences that usually make kids feel uncomfortable. Willie’s glasses make him look smarter. Isabella teaches Almigal how to speak Spanish. Penelope’s sign language is awesome. Almigal is even positive about her own hearing aids which are special because they come in her favorite color, cotton-candy pink. But even Almigal has her bad days. Like most kids probably would, she wonders why everyone else doesn’t have to wear hearing aids like she does. The worst days for Almigal are when she can’t hear important sounds like her brother’s laughter, the music in ballet class and her parents’ saying they love her.

Almigal doesn’t let anything get her down for long. She bravely goes for the surgery required to get cochlear implants and soon sees a big improvement in her hearing. With the support of her friends and family, Almigal gets back to doing all the fun things that little girls do. These ups and downs are all captured in expressive illustrations filled with color and action. Almigal’s story will encourage readers to consider other people’s feelings. And, Almigal’s courage, enthusiasm and optimism will inspire readers to have the same attitude when dealing with their own challenges.

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