Moms love our research-based adaptive reading software

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We’re chalking up yet another Mom who loves our adaptive reading software. Annemieke Woodbridge is a mom from Mummypedia who reviewed the Reading Kingdom. Here’s what she had to say about the only reading program that teaches all 6 skills needed for reading and writing success:

“The program follows a systematic approach to learning how to read. Once your child completes each level, they move onto the next level; from letter identifying-letter matching through to reading and comprehension…The main takeaway from evaluating this program is the raw sense of true achievement gained from each level. You see your child learning and you begin to understand what they understand, and truly at what pace they can learn. This is critical for a parent to know, as I believe it prevents learning problems later on.

The program is designed to offer lessons to match your child’s abilities. As parents, we are all concerned about our children learning at their own pace – but also with structure, so that they can learn the best and most comprehensive way possible… I learned that even though I thought my teachings at home were great – I found out that there was more to my teachings of phonics and letters than I first thought. I am glad that I came across Reading Kingdom. I am refreshed that my child can learn in this way, in conjunction to my existing games and fun ways of learning.

What I particularly like about the program:

* The sound is superb
* You can pause or end the sessions at any time – to return later
* My child enjoyed the sessions – this was very important to me!”

— Annemieke Woodbridge, Mummypedia

The Reading Kingdom is a customized online reading program systematically delivering reading success. Teach children how to read up to a third grade level by signing up for a 30 day free trial!