Picture books for children: The Super Hungry Dinosaur

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The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell is one of the Reading Kingdom’s favorite picture books for children. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• The Super Hungry Dinosaur is an adorable, witty little comedy.
• This is a story about overcoming a bully, and can be used to teach children to stand up for themselves.
• This story is also an entertaining, funny read-aloud.
• Hal is a great role model, strong, self-assured and unwavering in his bravery in the face of a growling (yet comical, not too scary) dinosaur.


The Super Hungry Dinosaur is a delightful story of how a little boy confronts a Super Hungry, growling dinosaur and saves his family. The Super Hungry dinosaur comes tearing into Hal’s yard and tells Hal he is super hungry and is going to need to eat Hal. Hal politely tells him that isn’t such a good idea. To which the dinosaur responds, “I will eat your mom!”. Again, Hal says, no go, I love my mom and you can’t eat her. This goes on entertainingly until finally Hal “breaks” the dinosaur and the dinosaur gives up. The dinosaur says, with a sob, I will stop trying to eat you and your family and your dog, sob, but I am still so very hungry. Hal explains that as soon as the dinosaur cleans up the mess he made of the yard trying to eat Hal, Hal’s mom will make the dinosaur some pasta.

It is at this exact moment, when the dinosaur breaks down, that so many valuable lessons can be taught to young children. The dinosaur is essentially just a big bully. And because Hal never gave in to his bullying ways, the dinosaur gave up. But as I stated in my bullet points, while this story teaches a valuable lesson, it can and should also just be an entertaining and funny story!”

Have your children read The Super Hungry Dinosaur? What did they think of the book?

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