Online Reading Program Perfect to Teach Reading Skills

The Reading Kingdom is making a difference in multiple learning environments. The program can effectively teach reading skills both in the classroom and at home.  Dawn from Dawns Delights Art is educating her children at home; here’s what she had to say about our online learning program and how it’s providing her children with a solid foundation of reading skills:

“I am home educating my 6 and 5 year old sons who are starting Kindergarten and one preschoolers who 3 years old. Setting the foundation for strong reading skills is a top priority in my classroom…I love that Reading Kingdom expands on the traditional phonics method to teach words that cannot be sounded out phonemically (the majority of words in the English language), with my 6 year old it helps his speech delays…

Both of my sons enjoy this program so much that they beg for it first thing every morning.”Dawn Pratt, Dawns Delights Art

It’s no secret that children love playing games.  Why not let them play a game that will teach reading skills they need to be successful in literacy throughout life?  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of our award-winning, patented literacy program and get your kids excited about reading too!