Why is the Reading Kingdom Perfect for Homeschoolers?

With homeschooling bringing positive results into society and the workforce, parents using this education method are consistently becoming more prevalent. Mary Nix, Home Education Magazine Newsletter Editor conducted an interview with the Reading Kingdom founder Dr. Marion Blank; Mom to three and an award-winning psychologist from Columbia University. Mary’s interview with Marion is being referenced as an ideal homeschooling resource. Read part of their insightful conversation below!

Mary: How do you see your program meeting the need of home educators?

Reading Kingdom: Home educators want to provide the full range of skills their children need to become proficient readers and writers. Generally this means pulling together elements from many different programs-since no one program offers all that they have been seeking. This takes a lot of time and effort: the parent essentially becomes the curriculum designer. homeschooling, homeschooling-curriculum, Homeschool curriculum, education interview, reading program for kids, educational-games-for-kids

One of the tremendous advantages of the Reading Kingdom is that it presents, in a single kit, all the key skills that are necessary for effective literacy. This includes reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary building, and comprehension. Further, all the teaching is done through tightly integrated programs so that each skill reinforces the other. Finally, over and above the specific teaching, the system is designed to help children learn to work in an accurate, diligent manner. This approach carries over to all the work the children do-leading them to be far more focused and effective.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work has been the compliments I’ve received from home educators. I’ll let the words of one parent convey what I mean. The following is from a parent who wrote to me a few months after working with my system.

Mary: “Reading Kingdom. Your system is the answer to my prayers. As a homeschooler, I was desperate and determined to find materials to help my son read and comprehend better. Your methods proved to be just what I was looking for. Everything you offer worked and was so easy to do! In very little time, my son has become a strong confident reader.”

After reading the interview, try the program that brings real reading results. Reading Kingdom is perfect for homeschoolers and free for the first 30 days. Try it risk free for 30 days as a supplement to your homeschooling curriculum and see the difference it can make in your children’s reading skills!