Teachers and The Reading Kingdom Customized Reading Software for Kids: A perfect fit!

Our latest adventure has put our unique customized reading software for kids to work in the classroom.  The Reading Kingdom is flourishing and a teacher is more than happy to share her thoughts on the positive effects the Reading Kingdom is bringing to her students! About Our Online Reading Program, education, customized reading software for kids, Interactive online reading program for kids, Kids Learning Websites, Reading for Kids and Kids Learning Websites, reading kingdom reviews, classroom curriculum, education, teaching materials

“I teach in a multi leveled classroom in a small private school. I have had the opportunity to use Reading Kingdom in my class this year with my younger students. I love how the program is customized to teach the students exactly what they need. It focuses only on their weaknesses to help turn these areas into strengths. Once the child masters a level, they move on to the next area that they need to work on. This program helps in the areas of reading, writing, keyboarding skills and keeps me, as a teacher, up to date on the progress that my students are making. Then I know where to focus my time with them as well. There are worksheets that I can print and use with my students and a newsletter that gets emailed to me with book recommendations and other helpful information. Thank you Reading Kingdom A++!!” — Melissa Holyfield

If you’re a Teacher that is looking to turn your student’s reading weaknesses into strengths with the only customized reading software for kids that uses the six skills proven to bring literacy success, learn more here, then sign up for a free 30 day trial!