Reading Kingdom Review “My son just WANTS to do it!”


“Things I like about Reading Kingdom Online

  • Students are taught how to read and write using methods that ensure comprehension.
  • There are no gibberish sentences or phrases that won’t make sense to them. The words, phrases, and sentences that are used are practical and make sense to a child in the appropriate age range for the program.
  • They are taught methodically, with familiar activities and sequences of work that they will quickly learn to complete.
  • The program begins with a placement test and adapts to each individual child’s needs.
  • Instructions and information are given out loud, so kids that learn better when they hear something are able to grasp the program easily.
  • When the student gets something incorrect, the program gently corrects them and helps them to be successful. If they get the next attempt incorrect, it moves on to the next problem without making a big deal over their mistake.
  • The program continues to follow the child’s progress and moves them along at a pace that is individualized for that student.
  • There is a built in incentive program for the students where they earn point to unlock new things.
  • Parents can easily view their child’s progress and performance through the main dashboard.

My son has done well on everything and seems to be displaying the interest and maturity to do this program without a lot of encouragement from me – he just WANTS to do it!

— Jennifer Land 

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