Reading Kingdom Review “The awesome thing about Reading Kingdom Online is that it is customized to your child!”


“Thankfully, we have Reading Kingdom Online to help our third child. I only wish I had it when our second child was struggling!

The awesome thing about Reading Kingdom Online is that it is customized to your child! At the beginning of the program, the child will take a Skills Survey and the parent is NOT supposed to help the child at all. This is so the program can correctly evaluate what the child knows and doesn’t know. This will then help it to customize what the child needs to work on and where to begin with the lessons. This is great so the child isn’t sitting through lessons that they already know.

After the Skills Survey, as the child moves along with the lessons, Reading Kingdom Online continues to customize to their reading needs according to the child’s previous interactions. Every child will have their own unique experience with Reading Kingdom!

My daughter loves the fact that each lesson is bite-sized. She despises reading so to have her actually sit to do anything that has to do with it is tricky. After her first lesson, she realized that they are not long at all and it made her much more willing to sit down each day to use the program. We usually work on Reading Kingdom Online about 5 days a week. You can use it as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement. As of now, it is our ONLY reading curriculum for her because it works as well as keeps her engaged.

We are very happy with her progress in reading by using Reading Kingdom.”

— Jess Benoit

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