Reading Kingdom Wins Top Homeschool Curriculum Award!


Reading Kingdom is excited to announce that we have received the Top Homeschool Curriculum Award.

Reading Kingdom is an award-winning program that uses fun, interactive animated lessons to teach children 4-10 how to read and write to a 3rd grade level. Reviewers were especially impressed by Reading Kingdom’s patented, adaptive curriculum. It is the only program available that uses the “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method for teaching reading and writing developed by Dr. Marion Blank from Columbia University. has been named one of the Web’s Best Sites by Encyclopedia Britannica and one of the top 45 sites overall, by Forbes Magazine. Their highly regarded awards focus attention on outstanding educational programs designed for homeschoolers, teachers, parents, grandparents, tutors, caretakers and anyone else involved in the education of children.

Reading is the single most important skill a child will ever learn. It is the gateway skill that opens up the world of learning. But shockingly, government figures show that 2 out of 3 children fail to become proficient readers!

Until now, educators relied almost exclusively on phonics to teach reading. But fewer than 1 in 5 words can be “sounded out” and there are 1,768 ways to spell 40 sounds. Consider this sentence where “ea” can be pronounced 13 different ways: “I knew in my hEAd and hEArt that the thEAter burEAu’s harsh rEAction to the grEAt and bEAutiful ocEAn/EArth pagEAnt, was mEAn spirited despite the cavEAt that their review was changEAble.”

Reading Kingdom, on the other hand, offers a groundbreaking six skill model of reading instruction that teaches all the reading and writing skills (including phonology) in an integrated fashion so that they complement and reinforce each other while fostering comprehension at every level. The result is that students become successful readers. It is an innovative digital solution, unlike any other.


If you need a complete homeschool curriculum for reading, or a reading program to supplement to your existing homeschool curriculum,  join thousands of happy homeschoolers with a 30 day free trial of Reading Kingdom today!

“Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this reading program. All five of my younger children have absolutely loved it. They fight over who’s turn it is to use it. Then come and tell when so and so is doing it longer than just one lesson… The best thing about this program in my opinion is that it actually customizes the program to your child making it neither too hard nor too easy. I’ve not seen another program that does that.” – Angel Morris, Morris Family Madness