Our Reading Program Rated “Terrific” by Teachers!

reading program

Lisa Marie is a mom and teacher on the front lines of parenting and teaching.

Here’s what she has to say about how our reading program has helped her children’s journey toward literacy:

We used the program for both Middle (age 7 – early reading skills) and Little (Age almost6 – beginning reader). I was a little concerned if they would be interested or not, because far too often, the appeal of a new online schooling program wears off very quickly and we don’t do very well with it. Thankfully, though, after several weeks of using it, my boys are still interested and willing to do it daily.

Each student is given an initial placement test that helps the program decide what level your child is at, where to focus on, and what areas to skip. This test uses several of the various games and activities that they will use throughout the program. It was a good, in-depth evaluation and I found that it did a great job of finding out what level my boys were at…

From there, the kids start their daily lessons based on what they need to work on. I love that these daily activities are short and focused, so the kids don’t want to quit before they get very far. Each day has a series of lessons to work through, and the kids are able to know exactly how many questions they need to complete in each section because there’s a spot on the screen that shows how many completed/how many in total. This has made a big difference in willingness to finish the task, since it’s not a potential of forever.

The lessons themselves are bright, colorful, interactive, and action-filled, drawing the kids’ attention well. Unlike some other online programs that we’ve done, the instructor’s voice is clear and loud – not faded into the sound effects or background. This makes it so much easier to follow along! In fact, the whole program is fairly independent for the kids, which makes it terrific for me as a teacher, so I can work with another child at the same time…

I love that this program is progression based. It builds on skills that are already mastered instead of willy-nilly just picking something random to work on next. It seems to be a logical sequence for moving forward.

All in all, I found this program outstanding and have seen a marked improvement in both the boys’ interest in reading as well as skills and word recognition. I can see this being a vital part of our homeschool lesson plans throughout the remainder of the year.

See sample lessons and sign up for a free 30 day trial of our award-winning online reading program for kids. When you see children learn to read on their own, you’ll be glad you did.  We’ll see you soon!