Recommended Reading for Kids: Bridge to Terabithia

The Bridge to Terabitihia by Katherine Paterson, is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended books for children. Reading Kingdom explains why:

The Bridge to Terabithia is an award winning story of two lonely children who create a magical forest kingdom. The time they spend in Terabithia gives them the strength to cope with the trials of everyday life. The book has been the subject of controversy. Some feel its themes may be too intense for children; others have been concerned about some of the religious issues that it raises. However, its power to touch emotions is profound. Children should be reading at about 5th grade level to read the book on their own.

Have your children read The Bridge to Terabithia? What did they think of the book?

The Bridge to Terabithia sits on the shelf of the Reading Kingdom’s Reading for Kids. Have a book you think belongs on our shelf? Let us know in the comments below.