Recycling creates no-cost resources!

Recycling has reached yet another new summit.  Fundraisers designed to motivate individual recycling efforts are a great way to clean up the environment, while raising money; that’s why FundingFactory is the site Lingo loves this week! brings the availability of no-cost resources to their participants.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send in used inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and GPS devices, most of which can be remanufactured.
  • Items received are sorted, inspected and valuated.  You can then choose to accumulate points and spend them in their rewards catalog, or request a check.

    Why we like FundingFactory:

  • The FundingFactory community has stopped 21 million pounds of waste from being landfilled.
  • There’s no selling, paperwork or obligation involved. Just turn trash into cash AND do it for a good cause!
  • FundingFactory supports participants in establishing Business Supporters in their own communities.

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