3 Spelling Activities for Helping Kids Remember Words

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Does your child fail to remember words in reading?

If your child is having problems remembering words — words he or she has read many times before — the answer lies not in reading, but in writing. This is because writing demands far greater attention to visual detail than does reading. For example, in reading a word such as “elephant,” a child may rely on a couple of cues such as a “long word that starts with an e.” If your goal is to have your child remember how to write the word “elephant” this strategy won’t work.
Instead, to help your child accurately write words from memory…

Try these 3 spelling activities:

1. When your child asks you how a word is spelled, instead of offering letter names (the typical response), write the word on a sheet of paper and have your child look at it.

2. Then cover the words and have your child write the word from memory.

3. After that, point to the word and ask your child to say what it is.

Though it is often not recognized, children can often “take in” and reproduce sets of letters without ever linking them to words. Having them say the word helps get past the difficulty.

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