We’re super excited to announce the release of our new math program, Counting Kingdom!

Counting Kingdom is an online introductory math program that teaches the foundations of math including:

  • recognize, count, and understand the meaning of numbers up to 10
  • calculate the number of objects in a group
  • comprehend key math concepts such as “same as,” “all”, “another one” and “the right number.”
  • understand geometric shapes and be able to sort objects by shape
  • follow a sequence of commands involving math concepts
  • understand that a particular number of objects has a fixed value despite the size or nature of those objects

Along with the teaching of core ideas in math, the program enhances a student’s conceptual and reasoning abilities.

Another key goal of the program is to teach students to understand the variety of linguistic forms in which math concepts can appear (e.g., the request to “calculate a number of objects” can appear as:

  • “How many are here?”
  • “Count these.”
  • “Give me X (e.g., 4) of these.”
  • “Write the number that shows how many are here.” etc.)

Counting Kingdom is appropriate for children 3+ who are able to use a tablet or a computer and mouse.

Free trial!

Find out more at https://www.readingkingdom.com/store/countingkingdom