A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids

By Lindsay Patterson

During the first surreal week of lockdown in mid-March last year, I was anxiety-scrolling through Instagram late at night when a message appeared from my former boss. It was a screenshot of an Instagram Story from my favorite celebrity mom, Kristen Bell, who had posted a recommendation for the podcast I co-host with my husband, “Tumble Science Podcast for Kids.”

“Holy forking shirt balls,” I wrote back, echoing a line from Bell’s character on “The Good Place.”

That week, “Tumble’s” downloads spiked by 40 percent. I jokingly called it “The Bell Curve” (even though it was more of a vertical slope), but then other podcasts started reporting similar trends. In January, for instance, “Wow in the World,” NPR’s podcast for kids, reported that their downloads had increased by 94 percent since last March.

As schools shut down and kids found themselves with endless hours of downtime during the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, parents were desperate for screen-free forms of entertainment. The result was an explosion of new listeners, and new shows.

One year ago, I developed a popular list of podcasts for kids between ages 2 and 6. Now, I’m expanding that list to include offerings for older children between 6 and 10. The main appeal of podcasts for kids is the same as it is for adults — they’re fun and interesting to listen to. But according to Monica Brady-Myerov, founder and chief executive of Listenwise, an educational website that helps students build listening skills, there may also be a hidden educational benefit.

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