Educational Website Lingo Likes: CoderDojo


Computer “coding” (writing software code) is a very important skill that will only become more important in the future.  That’s why places like CoderDojo are in Lingo’s collection of favorite educational websites. Here’s more about them from their website:


CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led movement oriented around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people. Since CoderDojo is open source all Dojos are different and completely autonomous!

CoderDojo is a non profit global movement founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao. It was first started in James Whelton’s school in early 2011 when James received some publicity after hacking the iPod Nano and some younger students expressed an interest in learning how to code. He setup a computer club in his school (PBC Cork) where he started teaching basic HTML and CSS. Later that year he met Bill Liao, a entrepreneur and philanthropist, who was interested in growing the project into something bigger. In June 2011 the first CoderDojo was launched in the National Software Centre in Cork which saw extreme success.

At Dojos, young people between 5 and 17 learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more. Dojos are set up, run by and taught at by volunteers. In addition to learning to code, members meet like minded people, show off what they’ve been working on and so on. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, kick ass experience. CoderDojo also puts a strong emphasis on open source and free software, and has a strong network of members and volunteers globally. CoderDojo has just one rule: “Above All: Be Cool“, bullying, lying, wasting people’s time and so on is uncool. To join a CoderDojo, please find your nearest one from this list, or help set one up.

Before kids can learn something sophisticated like coding, it’s very important that they first learn to read and write.

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