Great math app for kids: Five Little Monkeys


Five Little Monkeys is a great math app for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“What do you get when you combine five adorable little monkeys with a big bouncy bed and a catchy theme song with several musical renditions including pop, rock or country?  Sounds like an act from the world famous Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, right?

Well instead, we are pleased to introduce parents to a super fun app for little kids called Five Little Monkeys by LoeschWare that will teach your child the basic concepts of primary numbers, counting, addition and subtraction.

The narrative of this app is simple:  there are five little monkeys all jumping on a bed, one falls down and bangs his head….mama calls the Dr. and the Dr. says “you better not jump on that bed”…..  Now there are four little monkeys on the bed.  You get the idea.

Children will enjoy singing along while learning how to count as each little monkey jumps off the bed.

One clever feature of this app is a series of little secret animated surprises or what we call in the kids media world “easter eggs”.  Easter eggs are small interactions which are hidden from view, and only when a child moves his/her fingers over a certain parts of the screen, do these whimsical interactions get triggered to come alive.

Since all kids love, love, love surprises we know your child will have tons of fun discovering a variety of these hidden little gems with a simple touch. (Hint:  encourage your child to explore the window pane, airplane or alarm clock and more…..)

One thing that parents will really like about Five Little Monkeys, is that the compelling nature of the app will make it fun for your child to learn how to count without making the experience seem much like work.

Apps that inspire a child to learn on his/her own are in a category that we call “intrinsic motivation” apps.  Intrinsic motivation means that the app is designed in such a way that it motivates a child to not only be engaged, but completely committed to the learning experience.

And we should also add totally self-motivated (read: no parent pressure) to play, learn and progress through the app on their own.  This is why we think intrinsic motivator apps like Five Little Monkeys are awesome!

So parents, if you’re looking for an app to teach your child to how to count, then we highly recommend Five Little Monkeys.  This is a great math app for kids to keep on your phone, so that wherever you are you’ll always have a little bit of learning fun to offer your kids.”

Click here to download Five Little Monkeys from iTunes

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