Lingo Likes: Subtext

Real-time collaboration is effective for group learning that allows students to exchange ideas and seamlessly learn together through the power of the web. There are even websites that create a transformation in collaborative learning with the ability to create subtext within e-books and documents. Lingo flies all over the internet to find the best learning sites and tools for kids, parents and educators alike – that’s why today’s site Lingo likes is   Here’s more about them from their website:
best-sites-for-kids“Subtext was founded in 2010 by gaming industry veterans with a shared belief in the social and educational value of bringing people together to exchange ideas while they read. We work every day to innovate against our expanding vision for what an adaptive, personalized learning platform can be—and how it can change the way we learn.

Subtext’s first product is a free iPad app that allows classroom groups to interact in the pages of ebooks and digital documents. Teachers use our tools to layer enrichment materials, lesson plans and assessments into the pages of texts; while students build a reading history and body of content with lifelong benefits. Subtext’s service extends the reading experience far beyond traditional books and aligns with the Common Core Standards across reading, writing and 21st century digital skills.”

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