How to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

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Helping build your child’s vocabulary is an extremely important skill.

Though it is not widely discussed, it is the single best indicator of IQ. It is also critical to successful higher level reading, It is simply not possible to read more complex material if you have trouble understanding the words. What are some ways to build vocabulary? You’ll be amazed what teaching one word a day will do. Specifically select a word that comes up in discussions, or in books you are reading to your child, or on signs that your child sees, etc. Ask your child if he or she knows the meaning. If the answer is no, then explain the meaning. After that, start a sentence that contains the word and have your child complete the sentence. For example, if the word you are teaching is “journey,” you might say, “After the long journey, the people felt ….” Following that, have your child say the whole sentence.


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