Learn to read while having fun!


Kristi Bernard from Kristi's Book Nook

Parents and educators see the benefits in our approach toward learning literacy. Kristi Bernard is the latest to love the way we’re teaching children to read; here’s her take on our online reading program:

“Reading Kingdom has a wonderful site for children, parents and teachers too…Parents and teachers can easily customize Reading Kingdom to fit each child’s needs. Sample lessons, apps, books and learning tips make this site a great approach to get children reading and learning while having fun.” — Kristi Bernard

If your children are 4-10 years old, teach them how to read with the only program designed for complete literacy success.  We’re more than just a reading program – Reading Kingdom is full of activities, worksheets and other excellent resources to bring success to schools and homes everywhere.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of our program and make the difference in your child’s learning today!